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Home Repairs & Renovations

Has your home inspection uncovered repairs that need to be preformed quickly to get you to the closing table?

Call us today with your punch list for a quick and affordable turn around.

  • Drywall, sheetrock, paneling, insulation, caulk, paint

  • Locks, latches, cabinetry, windows

  • Vapor barrier, joists, sill/band board, footings, bracing

  • Siding, decking, trim, flashing, roofing material, doors, various flooring, tile, hardware

  • Electrical outlets, wiring, GFCI’s, circuit breakers, lights, fans, waste disposals, water heaters

  • Drain lines, supply lines, venting lines (copper, PEX, CPVC, PVC)

  • Wash basins, showers, shower fixtures,  tubs, tile, stoppers, toilets, mechanicals, wax rings, sub flooring

* We do not preform work on our own inspections*
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